Katie Harrold, MA, LMFT Psychotherapist, Changing Pathways Therapy LLC
Helping individuals, couples, and families to grow, change and heal.
How I Help
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Katie Harrold, MA, LMFT

I work in a variety of ways to help clients approach their emotions,
thoughts, behaviors and relationships in more flexible and comfortable ways so they can grow, change and heal. I take time to discover each person's approach to, and place in, the world.
People's life stories inspire me to help clients draw on their own intrinsic resources for healing. I help strengthen and enhance relationships by collaboratively exploring life experiences and patterns, with a goal of increasing resiliency and emotional functioning. I integrate these stories to create unique opportunities for change, growth and healing in our therapy process to help you get "unstuck."
I work with individuals, couples, youth, and families; as you the client define and construct them.
I am a relationship focused therapist. This means that I view people as in constant relationship to others: family, partner, children, friends, and community. I believe that individuals also benefit from this therapeutic approach. Some of my areas of special interest and experience include: use of play and art therapy techniques, and work with gender, youth, GLBTQ and loss issues.
This approach helps individuals, couples, youth and families of all definitions, and their surrounding communities see significant reductions in distress, better relationships, and resolution of targeted problems.