Katie Harrold, MA, LMFT Psychotherapist, Changing Pathways Therapy LLC
Helping individuals, couples, and families to grow, change and heal.
I am an AAMFT and MN Board approved supervisor who offers individual
and dyad supervision in Minneapolis for MFT and Clinical Counseling Masterís
program graduates. I have experience with CTSS, in-home and outpatient therapy
with an agency, and private practice. These multiple experiences and roles provide the
various lenses from which I can approach supervision. My own theoretical orientation tends
toward post-modern-experiential-narrative-systems therapy-with social constructionist and collaborative tendencies.

My goal for supervision is for supervisees to grow in their feelings of competence, along with their experience, and develop an awareness of when help or consultation is needed. Working with uncertainty in supervision can encourage developing therapists to think for themselves within a relatively shielded setting where they can begin to believe in themselves and their abilities. I see supervision as a way to fine tune the best tool I think we all have in our toolbox as therapists - ourselves. I am happy to speak with you more directly about how we can work together during the supervision process. Please contact me at freetobeyouandme@gmail.com.